Helpful Knitting Tips For Beginners

Right out of the gate, the first tip that you need to know is that learning how to knit will be best if you start off small and then build up using what you have learned. Knitting is just like anything else that you work on and learn, meaning that you have to start small and move up. If you bought a knitting pattern for a woven photo blanket, keep in mind that this is something that should wait until you are able to master all of the basics.

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Are Your Stitches Too Tight?

This is a common problem that a lot of beginners will notice. If you feel as though your stitches are too tight, you need to be sure that you are not doing your knitting using the very tip of the needle, as it will be thinner at the tip and it can cause issues when you try to push your stitch past this tapered area.

If your stitches are still too tight after adjusting your placement, think about adjusting your tension when you are wrapping the yarn. Some people will wrap the yard around their fingers, which will create added tension. Simply unwrap it and let the yarn hang free, so when you need it, all you have to do is wrap it gently around the needle before dropping it again. Additionally, if you are using either bamboo or wood knitting needles, you can go with metal ones as they are slippery and allow your yarn to move easier.

Your Working Yarn

The yarn that you are working should always be behind both of your needles while you are working a stitch. If you do this and the yarn is in front, you could end up adding an accidental stitch, creating a hole in your knitting that is quite obvious. Whenever your yarn is in the front and you knit your next stitch, this is called a yarn over. This creates the hole, or the one stitch increase.

The working yarn should always be in the front of your knitting as you are purling stitches. If you end up trying to purl and your yarn is in the back, you can feel awkward as you move to the next stitch. It can also feel funny, so try to stop and look to see why and if your knitting is positioned off.

These are some helpful tips that you can use as a beginner. The more that you work on your skills, you should have the chance to become an incredible knitter who is able to take on patterns and a number of projects.

Knitting is Fun

Knitting is fun, relaxing and creative. And what’s even greater is that anyone can learn to knit, as long as one has the interest and just a little bit of time.

You can start out small, with knitting little coasters, and squares for quilts. Then you can move up to mittens and scarves. For larger projects you can do blankets. And once you have all this down, you can even weave sweaters and dresses. Can you imagine wearing something that is unusual and charming, having your friends ooh and aah over it, and then telling them you have knit it yourself?